How do we stay so Healthy?

How does my family stay so healthy??

I know many are wondering how a family of 13 who live in such a small space (practically on top of eachother)  can stay so healthy?  Well, let me tell you. In addition to some powerful and effective prayer, choosing health and believing that God protects us and keeps us in perfect health restoring our bodies in His amazing love. I also use some natural God created ingredients to make some powerful home remedies to do battle in the physical with the little buggers. (🤣 sometimes literally) 

  Here are my GO TO remedies that 99%of the time Insure that attacks from the enemy (in the form of  germs and viruses) are gone in 3 days or less! 

#1 Elderberry Syrup

4 cups - filtered water
1/2 cup - dried elderberries
1 tbls- fresh grated or dried ginger (optional)

I put lots of other herbs in this depending on the need and illness symptoms. 

Chamomile - relaxing / calming 
Mullein - My go to for coughs/ bronchitis/ croup
Astragalus - for all colds especially drippy noses 
Licorice root - sore throat 
Cherry bark - sore throat
And more. 
** light leafy tea-like herbs can be added in the last few minutes and left to steep for an extra 20-30 minutes off the simmer. 

Bring to a boil and turn down to a low simmer until liquid is reduced in 1/2. (About 20-30 minutes) 

Take off heat and strain. Squish all
The juice you can out of the berries. 

I first use a metal screen strainer then I do a second strain through an old clean white T-shirt that I cut into a big square. Then squeeze. 

Take concentrate and mix equal parts Honey to concentrate. (~2cups) 
Jar up and refrigerate. 

Adults & kids 
1/2 - 1 tablespoon every 1-2 hours 

If you have a sore throat take a shot glass and sip at it. 

#2 Kyolic Formula #103(brand) Garlic pills. 

I am telling you that these pills are incredibly effective!! I buy them primarily from That is where I have found them for the best price and shipping is free when I spend $49, so I buy 4 bottles and a pound of elderberries and we are Good to go!! 

I give these to all my peeps from the youngest who can swallow pills to even my littlest who I mix the contents of the capsule into apple sauce. 

Remember, these pills are food based. And what I love about these garlic pills is that they are flavorless. 

Dosages I use for us:
At the first signs of incoming illness, 2 pills every 2-4 hours all day. 

(Disclaimer!! YOU do your own research and decide for yourself what dosages you choose to use. I am not a doctor. I have done my own research and have extensive experience treating my own family so I am just sharing what I do.Please do your own homework😊💕)

I hope this helps you and you have a Happy, Healthy, Holiday season!

Today, busy, filled, wasted...

Today, it is a new day and it was a long day. I am having a hard time even summing up all that happened today. Time busy, time filled, time wasted, I think it had it all.

The busy and filled part was taken up with taking my almost Graduated son to the bank to open up his first checking account. This was a fun time together. How rewarding it was for him to take his first paycheck of the season into the bank and finally open up his own account. No co-signers needed! He is over 18 and going to be making steady money, I am so proud of him.

The wasted time was me scrolling. I hate it when I do that! It always amazes me how much time can go by staring at a screen. I want to be more purposeful and I need to set limits for myself of when I should and shouldn't check my phone. I am not so lost when it is on the computer though.

It was funny, while at the bank I was talking with the banker about how strange and amazing technology is. She was busy with my son and while we had some quiet moments waiting, I was able to get online and pay some bills. This was so helpful, but, once finished, if I let myself tap on some other icon, my time could have instantly been transferred from a profitable, purposeful action to a time sucking waste of energy and resources.

We are all caught in the gap, on that tight rope of keeping life in balance and our time on this earth dedicated to the glory of God. I am working on this. I will get a plan together. I have decided to turn off notifications for some of the more "busy and time sucking" apps and then, only visit them when I have scheduled a time to do so. That is where I will begin.

Feel free to ask and hold me accountable to this in the comment section below as I take a more deliberate look at where my moments are going. I don't want to lose or miss a single one of them!

 As I have typed this I have had to take a small break and savor the moment my sweet daughter chose to rub my feet. I am so blessed!!!