This is my ruggedly handsome husband. He is traveling the USA Trucking to provide for the needs of our family.


This is still my ruggedly handsome husband BUT he is no longer traveling the USA.
Praise the Lord!!! 
He is home, searching for a job locally so we can be together on this journey called life.

Our heartstrings are tied too tight and intertwined way too much to be apart for the amount of time that particular company was requiring.

When we realized that he would only be given 1 day "home" for every week worked and he could never take more than 7 days in a row without losing his truck....he came home for good.

He is still blogging his journey but now it is a continued journey of faith as we wait on the Lord to provide the work.

 Keep up with his adventures by clicking on this link and joining his blog. Poserdad

************End Update************

We miss him greatly but are so excited to see God work in our lives. 
This trucking job is an answer to 6 months of unemployed prayers. 
He(God) has worked every aspect of our lives to lead up to this moment. He knows our every need and is mindful of our deep love for each other and our desire to spend every waking moment together. He will be glorified and He will give us the patience and strength to get through this season with joy and thanksgiving.

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