New Year's His feet

Day 4 - New Year's Eve! Today my Trucker is safely in South Dallas TX. We all have gotten to track him on Google maps and compare his photos to the satellite ones. What fun! The area he is in really comes to life for us. See... that water tower on the left over there? It is surprising how far away that really is from him. It looks so close in his photo. Now is the wait for a call from his personal trainer and he will be off again, but this time in a real truck.

Here on the home front there are

Peace....what is it?

Day 3 - Well, as you can see the livingroom is very different from yesterday thanks to faithful children who are easily motivated when the motivation is more company and friends over! They just love people. I wonder where they got that trait?

7:30am - Just heard from My Trucker and he is

Romeo died today

I had to stop to update you that in the midst of all this emotional adjusting to our new circumstances... Romeo(the bunny) died today.

Here we go... Day 1 & 2

Day 1 - High hopes of hitting the ground running with my husband away but in reality..... time slipped away and a productive day on the home front was