Yes, He is HOME!!!

I am sorry for the delay in posting. I have so much to fill in and update you all about but since I have not had a moment it seems I think I will just jump over my perfectionistic tendencies and discipline myself to start where I am. Here. Today. I will fill in the gaps later.

But Yes, He is HOME!!! YAAAAY!

You know? I had no idea how therapeutic writing on this blog would become. I also had no idea anyone would miss it. Thank you to all who have asked me to continue.
 I have been feeling the Lord's tug on my heart to keep sharing this way but I have been reeling a bit since my Trucker got home. I still don't think I have anything together or in order.... especially my mind.

Today however, I am being blessed with a short get-away. I am going in just a few minutes to meet a friend for a 2 night / full day of solitude and reflection. Boy do I need this.
I don't even know which way is up at this moment.
I am planning on using this time to sit quietly and