Birthday wishes for our Sweet girl!

Day 6 - It is late but I am writing anyway. I can't help it. The day flew but we had a great time. This sweet girl turned 12 today and even though we enjoyed our day, Her heart longed for her daddy. She loved writing comments on the facebook page for you to see. And waited with anticipation of what you might say in return.  Here is the cake she ate in your honor and the honor of the day. The cousins were sweet and they all enjoyed decorating their own cakes. There was a collision of cousin boys. TCH's 5 year old and AJS's birthday boy, which resulted in a more mild birthday for him resting from the concussion. Poor guy. All is well though and recovered now.

We begin re-instituting our schedule tomorrow. We will start light, by getting up on time. If we can get that done I will consider it a successful day. If not we will have another chance the next day for that portion. I like to re-assess each of the kids in Math and Spelling at this time of year to make sure we are on the right track. I also have a few house hold maintenance issues to deal with in the morning.

I am dozing and seeing double, It is time for bed. I Love you !!!

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