A close call

Day 22 -
We had a close call yesterday. 

Nemo almost died. 

We are not sure what the problem was but after science class last week Big Brother brought home some edible plant life that was supposedly "good" for Betas. He dropped it in the bowl

A Letter for you, My Love

Day 21
Lord, through all the generations you have been our home! Before the mountains were created, before the earth was formed, you are God without beginning or end. 
Psalm 90:1-2 (NLT)

Honey, I trust you, I have confidence in you. I know that as you look to God for direction He will give you the answer to our prayers. God is faithful. Look at all He has done for us already! All the ways He has shown His love and care for us, even in the little things.


Day 20 - I look at his picture. I can still see his smile, feel the warmth of his eyes. I reach out to it and imagine that I can feel his whiskers, those whiskers that scratch and tickle. The ones that always make the babies wince and giggle. The ones I have asked him repeatedly to remove to reveal the soft smooth kissable cheeks and upper lip. Right now, I would take the face whiskers and all. He is joy for me. Looking into his face warms my heart. His laughter and wit, I could never say the things he does to keep our days so light-hearted and sweet. I shared his photo with our baby and she instinctively reached out to him as well, with a smile on her face....she knows him.

 What a weird life this is.... so messy, cluttered and out of order.

 Lord, I pray, ...order my heart today. Please give me your vision and perspective, to see this messy house, this cluttered pathway as your tool to teach me order. Order Me! my mind, my heart,  my life. Please guide my steps..... I need your help. I am so mentally cluttered.
There are so many things to think about....
You Lord,  You are my order, You are my vision, You are my guide. Thank you Lord. For each little thing, for broken lamps, for dirty faces, for cozy beds.

For many hands to train, many hearts to lead to you.

For a husband who is doing all he can and the excitement we feel knowing he will be back in our arms as soon as you plan.

For taking us through one messy time to another in this fallen world of fallen people. Broken people who need you.

May we learn each lesson you have for us quickly, the first time, so we don't find ourselves in the same place over and over again and wonder......


...... so we grow.

Thank you for today Lord..... I give it to you.


use me.

Days 15-19 a week in review

Day 15 - Wednesday, January 11. College group. Such a good time of prayer and encouragement. We had a great group. Some new faces and some we haven't seen in a while. We were up till 1am solving the problems of the universe.

Day 16 - January 12, Thursday.  A picture of another

Things are looking UP!!

Day 10 - Friday January 6. We got a good report that our 6 year old who has tubes in his ears, is healing well and things are looking good!! We also seem to all be over our colds and getting healthy.

Lorna said "Baby" clear as day as she pointed to a doll. She got the doll and then said it over and over. She was very proud of herself. She is working on the word "fish" now. She is popping 3 more molars.  Video of Lorna Saying Baby.

Day 11 - Saturday, January 7. Worked well on the house and went

Change is in the air....

 Day 9 - Last night I had college students hanging from the ceiling.... Literally!!! They were here for our bible study. We finished the last chapter of Crazy Love by Francis Chan and ended the evening with a great time of lifting one another up in prayer. I love those guys. One specific prayer was that my Trucker would be able to get on the road again soon. His truck has been broken down for 3 days! God has answered our prayer, I just read

Green Eggs and Ham

Day 8 - Jumping on couches and eating eggs and ham is the coolest way for a 6 year old to start a day.  At least in his mind. He is now retelling me the story of Green Eggs and Ham as he waits to eat.  I love Charlotte Mason.  I would have never really known that narration is a valid way to help teach language arts had I not

I have a hope

Day 7 - I can't believe it has already been a week since we said good-bye at the bus stop. In some ways it seems like an eternity. I don't even know what to write this evening, there are so many things on my mind and so much happens in a day, how can I even scratch the surface? I am glad that God does not judge us based on what we remember or what we can communicate. I would be an utter failure. His Grace is enough. Thank you Lord.

I miss my trucker. I am sure some may tire of reading that sentiment, but those words will never convey the  un-fillable, gaping hole that there is in our lives when he is away. Last night I felt another pierce of pain in such a simple task. I needed to go wash the dishes. It was clean-up time after a lovely party and all the family (my children, their grandparents and the cousins) were all engrossed in different entertaining activities, playing outside, watching a Disney video, talking in groups of 2 and 3+, playing games at the dining room table, and some (men) on the couches watching the football game. That is where I instinctively headed holding my needy 9 month old and when I came to my senses looking at the bodies lounged there on the couch, my heart sank. He wasn't there. It wasn't that there weren't other willing hands available; they just weren't his..... I thought to myself....this is one of those moments. I miss his hands, I miss his arms.... so strong and ready to reach out and hold his sweet baby, even when she is squirmy and difficult. His arms ready to lend a hand when I need them or hold me when I need a hug, surprising me from behind and wrapping around me. I am so thankful I drank those moments in and smiled at him and leaned into him when he came close. Come home safely and quickly my love.

As I write this my oldest son came in and shared a verse the Lord gave him as he sat to read this evening. It is:
Jeremiah 31:17b "There is hope for your future, declares the Lord."

It reminds me of one of my favorite praise songs "I have a Hope" - Tommy Walker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSbJtqYow3Q  This song has blessed me on so many occasions. If you listen to it you will hear a repeating phrase that just stays with you " There's still hope, for me today, cause the God of heaven Loves me." Just sing it, over and over and over. It is awesome. Let that truth sink in.......  There's still hope.......... for me today.......... cause the God of heaven loves me.

Birthday wishes for our Sweet girl!

Day 6 - It is late but I am writing anyway. I can't help it. The day flew but we had a great time. This sweet girl turned 12 today and even though we enjoyed our day, Her heart longed for her daddy. She loved writing comments on the facebook page for you to see. And waited with anticipation of what you might say in return.  Here is the cake she ate in your honor and the honor of the day. The cousins were sweet and they all enjoyed decorating their own cakes. There was a collision of cousin boys. TCH's 5 year old and AJS's birthday boy, which resulted in a more mild birthday for him resting from the concussion. Poor guy. All is well though and recovered now.

We begin re-instituting our schedule tomorrow. We will start light, by getting up on time. If we can get that done I will consider it a successful day. If not we will have another chance the next day for that portion. I like to re-assess each of the kids in Math and Spelling at this time of year to make sure we are on the right track. I also have a few house hold maintenance issues to deal with in the morning.

I am dozing and seeing double, It is time for bed. I Love you !!!

Now it Begins

Day 5 - I thought that for some reason New Year's day would bring a freshness and new vigor but alas, some of the kids are still sick and I seem to be fighting an allergy that will not let up. This leaves me still feeling a bit 'out of it'.

 My Trucker is on the road with his new trainer and logging the miles.

We on the other hand are home bound, not even going to church this beautiful morning. :-( We are all sad about that. We love worshiping with our church family on Sunday mornings and today would have been even more special because the 2 services are combined. We will have to say Happy New Year to them all next week instead.

Oh well, time to make tea and have the stronger/healthier of us care of the weaker ones and pick up after the mild celebration we had last night.
We had a few guests who lingered to help ring in the New Year. (New York time zone style = 9pm)

 The kids were so happy to get to wish you a Happy New Year! Sorry for waking you last night. We Love you and miss you. I hugged and kissed all our little ones for you.

We stayed up until 12am for the second round of Martinelli's with the older ones. I cried for you as we all clinked our glasses and I had to blow you a kiss.

This morning Lorna and I sat and played peek-a-boo with your picture that is the background screen here on the computer. She smiled so big and had a fun time beeping your nose.

I still have yet to actually sit down and sew. Everyday as you have seen it has been the plan but.....nope. I am very tired and mentally spent. I think that is more the reason. It is amazing how zapped you feel when battling little colds, not to mention having a lot on ones mind. I am enjoying my first herbal vitamin smoothie of the new year. Actually, it is the first one in weeks! No wonder I am a bit run down. Ha, are you seeing this? I have just realized how many times in this post that I have attempted to explain my physical and mental state. I think I am done thinking about it now.
I am so encouraged by God's word. Isn't it awesome how just at the right time He puts just the right verses in front of your face? The day we waved good-bye, (12/27) my little 6 year old hugged his sister's neck, and through his tears said, "This is the saddest day of my life." I slipped into the front seat of the van and grabbed my prayer journal to jot it down, it was so sweet and sad and precious. On the top and bottom of the page I happened to turn to, were these two verses:

"Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." Hebrews 13:5
"I will not forget you. I have engraved you on the palms of my hands." Isaiah 49:15-16

What a comfort. When we all gathered in the van after the bus pulled completely away I settled everyone down and shared these beautiful words of love and encouragement from our Jesus. Thank you Lord for loving us and caring for us. We are never alone. You my sweet husband are never alone. And you, my friend who is reading this, are never alone.