Today, busy, filled, wasted...

Today, it is a new day and it was a long day. I am having a hard time even summing up all that happened today. Time busy, time filled, time wasted, I think it had it all.

The busy and filled part was taken up with taking my almost Graduated son to the bank to open up his first checking account. This was a fun time together. How rewarding it was for him to take his first paycheck of the season into the bank and finally open up his own account. No co-signers needed! He is over 18 and going to be making steady money, I am so proud of him.

The wasted time was me scrolling. I hate it when I do that! It always amazes me how much time can go by staring at a screen. I want to be more purposeful and I need to set limits for myself of when I should and shouldn't check my phone. I am not so lost when it is on the computer though.

It was funny, while at the bank I was talking with the banker about how strange and amazing technology is. She was busy with my son and while we had some quiet moments waiting, I was able to get online and pay some bills. This was so helpful, but, once finished, if I let myself tap on some other icon, my time could have instantly been transferred from a profitable, purposeful action to a time sucking waste of energy and resources.

We are all caught in the gap, on that tight rope of keeping life in balance and our time on this earth dedicated to the glory of God. I am working on this. I will get a plan together. I have decided to turn off notifications for some of the more "busy and time sucking" apps and then, only visit them when I have scheduled a time to do so. That is where I will begin.

Feel free to ask and hold me accountable to this in the comment section below as I take a more deliberate look at where my moments are going. I don't want to lose or miss a single one of them!

 As I have typed this I have had to take a small break and savor the moment my sweet daughter chose to rub my feet. I am so blessed!!!