Push the Re-Set button!!!

Our Lord has provided!! He always does, but it is only sometimes that we get to see him move in such bold and obvious ways.

He did it!! He brought in the full amount we needed to get our mortgage current with a bit to spare. We needed just shy of $10,000 by the end of this month and God has done it!!! We are on our way right now to go to MoneyGram and send it off.

This will give us a re-set so to speak, bringing our balance current as if we had never missed a payment and we are now entering the month of April with a fresh start. WE are like normal people again who have a 15 day grace period to get our next regular payment in.

Now for the job that I am just as confident the Lord is preparing for my wonderful husband. (keep praying :-)

We are still in the process of modification but have eliminated the threat of foreclosure for the near future. phew!

Thank you all for your prayers and generous support! We are so humbled and blessed to have such amazing and gracious friends. God is so good ALL the time!

I will update again later. I am off to get current!!!


  1. I just read this amazing story of yours. I'm not a regular here so I don't really know what was going on with ya'll but I know that God is a great God and that he cares about the large family and sends people along right at the right time so that our little ones will know and understand that God is a God of miracles and that we need to have faith to see what he will do next in and through our lives. Come see us at:

  2. Yay! What is next from Him, I wonder? He is so gracious and amazing in His love. Will keep praying!

  3. I am here because your good blogging friend Having Hallelujah Good Time sent me. you are lucky to have a good friend.
    love your family picture! and I know God provides....may God continue to bless your family!!!

  4. I was so touch with your story. Thank God that you both survived with the baby. Hopefully i have a family like yours.. That's why we christian singles we need to go to church often. To thank God that we recieved every day...

    God Bless Your Family!