While my Trucker was away.

So, in January while my Trucker was on the road I decided to surprise him with a Master bedroom make over.

My hope was that it would serve as a haven when he returned and while he was away it could serve as a refreshing retreat for me. It was all a secret so I didn't post any specific updates while he was gone but now that he has been home for a while I thought I would share the transformation that took place.
Casualty.....My favorite hurricane lamp... Oh, well. Life goes on. :-)

He was gone for exactly 1 month and in that time I:
-gutted the Master Bedroom,
  changed the paint color,
touched up the ceiling paint,
painted the baseboards,
painted our door and trim for the first time since it was installed 4 years ago,
painted my pocket door to my Master Bath, refinished our armoire,
My little ones kept busy building forts and doing school in them.

painted a night stand dresser and small bookshelf,
created a new headboard for our bed out of fence railing,
 re-painted the bathroom,
 hung a toilet paper holder,
hung a new towel rack,
set up a new baby crib for our little one who has been sleeping in a pack'n play or with us in our bed for her first year.

The Crib was a birthday present from my parents who know how badly I have wanted one and Oh, we hung a new mirror (a Ross find again with my mom) that was the finishing touch to make our new room beautiful.

It was a labor of love. This make-over was infectious, had he been gone any longer, the whole house would have undergone a transformation. My high hopes for blessing him spilled out into the hallway and then into the guest bathroom where it has stalled. He ended up coming home much sooner than I had expected!

 To my great Joy!!!

However, the night before his arrival I felt like I had signed up for "Trading Spaces" the old TLC show where Ty Pennington got his start. I was up until 5 am putting the final coats of finish on the dressers outside and cleaning up the room for the 'Big Reveal'.

I am sure he was so happy to just be sleeping in his own real bed again after a month on the road in a Sleeper berth.

I remember asking myself while he was gone why I hadn't blessed him in this way before while he was here.

 I am sure there are so many reasons.

Distractions, priority shifts, and just the day to day struggle to get the basics done.

 I know that sleeping on an unmade bed in the middle of a freezing cold empty room, with plastic on half of it with painting supplies and tools on the other side wouldn't have gone over very well, especially for as long as I lived with it while working on this project. It made me want to do more though. I have so many little jobs that I keep putting off.

They really aren't that big in and of themselves but they seem Big. I am excited to chip away at all I have left undone due to this experience but I am much further along than I was before he left.

And now that he is home I am just Happier. 

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