Here we go... Day 1 & 2

Day 1 - High hopes of hitting the ground running with my husband away but in reality..... time slipped away and a productive day on the home front was
not to be. However, My oldest 3 children were so blessed to get to help a friend pack up their belongings and move them across town.

I see again how:
"The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps." Prov. 16:9

Day 2 - Baby Lorna is fighting a cold and we are off to a late start. Amanda has been called into work at the Penelope's Tea Shoppe :-) yay for her. The other kids are just now making each other breakfast and it is 10:41am. I am sitting here on my bed getting my feet wet trying to learn the ropes of the blogger. I will discipline myself to a very limited time, otherwise I can see this activity getting way out of hand and robbing my family of the attention they so desperately need. Praying for you my husband. I love you. You are greatly missed by all! We send you hugs and kisses!

 Don't let that gorgeous toothy smile fool you. She is very high need right now. Runny nose and all. But oh so precious, who could deny that face?

I am hitting the restart button, changing the date at the top of that white board and getting moving. When I post this evening the livingroom will NOT look like this:

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  1. Great to have you on here friend!

    Such a sweet sweet baby:)

    Nope your living room will NOT look that way by the time you go to bed. Yet it may look that way by teatime tomorrow:) Amazing how much life and living happen in our homes. We are so blessed:)