Our Anniversary!

Today is my Anniversary! 
Home made card from our 12 year old Daughter. I am very impressed.
this is the inside.

My husband and I find ourselves in different towns but still, with the same heart. 
After 22 years of marriage it is again, on a Monday like the first time, we remember that we choose to Love through ALL.... thru audits and law suits, joyful new life and child birth, illness and sorrow, peaceful down time and crazy surprise full house parties, false accusations and worry, quiet moments, threats and job loss, and the waiting...... Patiently waiting on the Lord.

He is working hard! 

A new skill to refine. He is a Construction worker this season.....

Trucking.... Construction...... I wonder what will be next?

 He is so faithful. My sweet man. 

He is steady,     like the constant ticking of a clock.  

My mom told me he would be. "We all have our faults. But he is faithful, Maggie! You can count on that. He is a faithful man" she said. 

And so he has proven to be, again and again.

 Not holding back. He does the hard things to provide for his family. 
Stays home and works so we can take a family field trip across country. (We had no idea it would turn into such a trip.)
 He stays in Santa Barbara to work daily so we can pay our mortgage and a few other bills.

 Things have not always worked out the way we would have wanted or planned, but we are in the Lords hands and so, willing to do whatever He asks. 

We have so much fun together! I am so glad we like each other so much! 

We are so grateful he is close, 

not in some god-forsaken truck stop wondering what special family event he is missing out on, 


Nana & Papa feel like far-off names at this moment, but this is our hope and a sweet gift from our daughter.
What a blessing it is to have work. 

Physical labor. 
He sweats and steps on another nail. 

Lifts another beam into place and remembers that he is building a family. That God is using him to build a strong family for His glory.

Pouring ourselves into the lives of our children, guiding them to live their lives for the only one who deserves their attention and affection, our God almighty. 

I love schooling these children. Every moment I spend with them ties my heart closer and closer to each one. 

We graduated our second daughter this June....

 A beautiful event.... but even when it was all over..........I am not done! 

Are we ever done? 

I know my mom is not done with me yet and I am 41, 22 years married with 10 children!

I know why. 

Our Lord is not done with us!

As long as I have breath in my lungs, I will be called to speak His Love and Truth into their lives. 

I am not needed to be their disciplinarian anymore, but a Sister in Christ. A co-laborer for our Lord. I want to encourage and edify them as I would any other friend, with respect and patience.

I Love You Honey! I wouldn't want to be with anyone else on this journey called life. I just can't stop thanking God for you!!! Every year with you gets better and better. We don't use finances or things or circumstances to measure our progress and joy in marriage, it is measured by the peace and oneness that only our God can give us. 

Praise Him! 

And Thank you. 

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