Things are looking UP!!

Day 10 - Friday January 6. We got a good report that our 6 year old who has tubes in his ears, is healing well and things are looking good!! We also seem to all be over our colds and getting healthy.

Lorna said "Baby" clear as day as she pointed to a doll. She got the doll and then said it over and over. She was very proud of herself. She is working on the word "fish" now. She is popping 3 more molars.  Video of Lorna Saying Baby.

Day 11 - Saturday, January 7. Worked well on the house and went
to a shaklee meeting with Amanda. Prayed with mom and dad for Chris.
Tonight Lorna looked at me and signed the sign for Milk and said "BaBa" so sweetly. She was very cute.

Day 12 - Sunday, January 8. Church was great. Lorna blasted out of her diaper onto my new pants and I had to step out and get her changed. Of course today, we forgot the diaper bag and had no extras floating around the van. We also had no extra clothes. She was pretty cold. I tried to keep her warm so I stayed in the nursery and chatted with those who were there until the service ended. On the way home we stopped at Walmart so Chris could pick up his Birthday present for Joshua.

Day 13 - Monday, January 9. My Birthday. It was good. Mom, Ab and Michelle all came up with the cousins to make my day special. Got taken out to lunch. Hmmm, I don't think I like Filipino food. I will have to try a new place next time. They took me up to Jo-Ann's to get some fabric for a project and we accomplished just that. Then Costco, Target and home again for some delicious homemade soup by Amanda. It was onion soup with fried garlic chips and shrimp with wine. Amazing. I came home to find that the cousins had decided to camouflage themselves with tire grease. Baths for everyone!!! Thank you Samantha!

 I also came home to a package from my Trucker. What a treat! We all got a sweet hand written note. Thank you my sweet!

Day 14 - Tuesday, January 10. I must have been really tired because it was not the best for me. It was really a down, disillusioned day. I took a 3 hour nap late in the afternoon and was pretty much unproductive the rest of the time. I am hoping Wednesday will be better. I have a lot to do.

This picture of Lorna is just too cute. I had to add it here just for good measure.

I want whatever the Lord wants. What His perfect will is. Do I know what that is? No.

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