A close call

Day 22 -
We had a close call yesterday. 

Nemo almost died. 

We are not sure what the problem was but after science class last week Big Brother brought home some edible plant life that was supposedly "good" for Betas. He dropped it in the bowl
only a couple of days ago. Well, by yesterday poor Nemo, who is over a year now, was gasping and rolling on the bottom of the bowl on the pebbles below.

Joshua understood right away what this could mean and came in to me crying the kind of cry that only comes with the feeling of great loss. He was so sweet. He really loved that fish and with the help of Big Sister, had taken very good care of him. The fish has far outlasted my expectations again and again.

Well, I hugged the 6 year old and tried to comfort him.

I prayed.

I prayed aloud over my son that if the Lord saw fit to spare Nemo at this time it would be a blessing but we are thankful that we have enjoyed him for so long.

Me, the mother especially sensitive to him at this time knowing his Daddy is away and even though he doesn't say so all the time, I know it affects him. But as I prayed, I realized......

Nemo wasn't dead.....yet.

There was still hope for recovery.

So I immediately instructed the very helpful siblings to quickly change the water and see if it refreshes him.

I told Joshua, "Go help change the water and enjoy him for as long as he lasts."

He dried his tears and went to go help.

Soon I heard the joyful declarations from the kitchen..... He is moving to the middle of the jar!

He swam to the top and is now straight and not tipping over!!!

Praise the Lord!

Wow God! Thank you for this sweet small thing.
It was only a fish, but to this little 6 year old it was his prize pet.

You didn't have to save him...... but you did, and we Thank YOU!!

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