Green Eggs and Ham

Day 8 - Jumping on couches and eating eggs and ham is the coolest way for a 6 year old to start a day.  At least in his mind. He is now retelling me the story of Green Eggs and Ham as he waits to eat.  I love Charlotte Mason.  I would have never really known that narration is a valid way to help teach language arts had I not
been introduced to her methods.  I have learned so much about how to teach "the gentle art of learning" from others who have taken the time to break down her writings in to small bite-able chunks.

There are only small moments I can steal throughout the day to load my toolbox,  so it has been such a blessing to find websites like Simply Charlotte Mason and books like:  Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola, The Early Years a Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook by Sonya Shafer and Karen Smith, Laying Down the Rails by Sonya Shafer and I a new sweet book I received for Christmas that I am enjoying so far; it is called Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic.  These sweet encouragements help remind me of many things  I already know but forgot or wanted to do but never really implemented successfully.

Between helping my college student get financial paperwork completed for the FAFSA and organizing all of 2011's end of year paper work for taxes,  I am drowning in paper.  Yesterday was full of filing and organizing, still not done.  Thank the Lord my oldest was here to help run the show with the little ones and get the house clean and chores done.  I am sure it was a mutual blessing since this paperwork will help her pay for college.  The High Schoolers have been off studying for a Biology test scheduled for tomorrow, their first day back to class after break.

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